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"Oharaís music has the beauty of a paradox: itís both slow and upbeat, both vulnerable and resilient, both gentle and assertive Ė her vocals float out into the room with a tender clarity."-NP.

Alone or accompanied by friends ( lately, the euphonious cello work of Justin Wright), the current "Amory Jun"(LP to be released ) sound of Montrealís multi-faceted artist Ohara Hale, reveals the more tender and thoughtful aspects of her body of life-art-work.

Itís a poem, a song, a leaf, a cloud. It is something you can hold, something you can have. <3

Pearl EP - TBA
Amory Jun LP - TBA 2016
Hallways EP - 2014
Thorns (single) - 2013
It Was EP - 2011
This Dream EP - 2008